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I love the mountains because I was born there.

It has been more than a year since I haven’t got a chance to run a marathon in Ningbo City for more than 5 years, And on this Labor festive Day, I drove my EV car(XiaoPeng G3) and went to Yuyao, which is only 55KM far away from Ningbo and 210KM far away from Shanghai.

I love mountains because I was born there. Our trip lasted only three days and started on the second day of Labor Festival. Despite the heavy traffic, and people everywhere. the weather was pleasant and our journey to Ningbo City went smoothly.

Actually, Our goal for this trip is to explore Siming Mountain, which is only 60km away from downtown Yuyao. After having breakfast at the Orange Hotel, we hit the road. There were traffic jams, as we expected.

Day 2 – We didn’t have lunch, but we ate enough cherries.

The orchard owner graciously permits visitors to pick and consume fruit within the orchard premises for a charge of 30¥ per individual


Day 3 – We visited a very incredible country in a peaceful place – Zhong Cun



Ciga Tang

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